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1997 - 2002

These images were supplied by Robert Walker, and tell the story of Rosebank in Falkirk.

Our story starts in 1997, looking east over Lock 12 down towards Rosebank. The Lock and it's gates are in a state typical of this section of canal before the Millennium Link work started.


The same view, in winter's snowy grip.


Moving closer to Rosebank, this view still from the west, clearly shows the submerged culvert where a bascule bridge once stood.


At Rosebank there was insufficient headroom between the roads and canal, so it was decided to move Lock 11 west 300m so that the canal level dropped significantly in the area where the Falkirk Camelon road crosses the canal. 

This meant very deep excavations, which revealed the tunnel that had carried the Camelon road in the 19 century. The bascule bridges were replaced by swing bridges during construction of the Falkirk electric tramway system in 1904-5. The tramway was built by engineers Bruce Peebles of Edinburgh , who subcontracted the bridges to Motherwell Bridge Ltd., and electrical work to the Bridge Electrical Equipment Co. of London.  

The bridges were originally powered by the tramway electrical supply.  The tramways closed in 1935 - the swing bridges continued to be used (presumably operated on the public electricity supply) until the canal closed. 

A wooden bascule bridge survived at lock 16 in Camelon at least until the canal closed.


Being the only way of traversing the canal, the old tunnel under the road linked up the Rosebank distillery and the Excise building (now the Beefeater).

There is a Bonny Prince Charlie connection with this area. It is said that the Prince, during the Battle of Falkirk, had partaken a dram from the distillery, now this story was heard from Robert Walker's late Father, a farmer, and some of his farming cronies. As to the credibility of the story I am not sure, but where there's smoke there's fire!

After the excavations a brand new concrete Lock 11 was constructed at Rosebank, as well as new road geometry, and canal crossing.

The walls of the old Lock 11 are still in place, but there are no gates, and no change in water level.

There is another picture of the new bridge by Derek Sneddon showing a heavy load stuck on it from August 2001 on this page about Abnormal Loads.


A grand sight! The first boats through the Falkirk Flight, just leaving the new Lock 11 on their way to Lock 16 and the re-opening of the Forth and Clyde Canal.

26th May 2001.


September 2001, 4 years on from the first image in this sequence, and the regeneration of the Rosebank area is complete.


June 2001, and the Wee Spark is seen on the canal in Falkirk. This was part of the opening of the Forth and Clyde Canal mentioned above.

Tranquil waters.

This image won second prize in the British Waterways Lowland Canal Photo Competition 2003.


All images are by Robert Walker.