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5th February 2002

These images are composites from the Falkirk Wheel web-cams taken on the 5th February 2002.

0730: Sunrise over the Visitor Center.

For the first time we see the completed Wheel, Visitor Center and flooded basin together
15:40:Good light quality and direction resulted in this especially sharp image.

Although there is still some construction work evident to the left of the Visitor Center and between the Center and the Wheel, and the water level in the basin is slightly low, this is the final stunning view.

Composite from 27th February 2002Later in February the basin was drained and filled again on the 27th (right). Note the water being pumped in from the concrete sluice in the picture and lower inset. Also notice that work is progressing a-pace with pathways and other finishing work.

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Original images from British Waterways Webcams, composites by James Gentles