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January - May 2002

This story starts in 2001 with Planning Permission and Media stories, not all positive! There is an official Edinburgh Quay. Pictures from 2001 can be found on this page, but our story starts as work to revitalise the Lochrin Basin really gets underway. 

January 2002.

The Lochrin Basin terminus (above), not much change here since November, the Telecom Building has been removed and work continues on ground preparation. Near the back of this picture is the Port Hamilton Tavern (left).

This tavern has stood here since the heyday of the canal, it will be removed for the Edinburgh Quay development, which sounds like a real shame since the building has much character (at least from the outside).

Right, the remains of the Telecom Building in January, a large hole!

Note the "Tartan Club" in the background, this building backs onto the canal and is also in line for demolition.
9th February 2002.

The image on the right shows Lochrin Basin on 12th January, previous pictures in 2001 has been taken from the edge of the canal, middle distance, picture center. This is now the middle of a building site, but by the 9th February a workman let me in.

The following  360o image was taken  from this point. Note the Telecom Tower's position is shown in outline.

A black on the sign, a space on the ground?As we enter June there seems to be little further development on site. I had planned to show this controversial phoenix rising round Lochrin Basin as the Leamington Lift Bridge and Falkirk Wheel were opened, but since the demolition there has been no progress, and I don't know why. 

Unfortunately this development, and a companion panorama to the desolate site above will have to wait for a while more...


Photographs: James Gentles