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Unlike other material on this site, the material from the official Millennium Link site, originally called is reproduced here WITHOUT permission, if you consider you own this material please get in touch with me immediately to discuss its use here (my e-mail is at the foot of the home page).

The was the official site of the canal regeneration, and a rich source of useful data. Unfortunately the site started reporting Unresolved Host Name in the Spring of 2003, and this represents a major loss of data for those interested in this project. During the Spring and early Summer of 2003 I made extensive efforts to contact:

but each trail went cold without receiving any positive or negative response to my requests about the site. On 30th May 2004 the url was re-registered to, and after a few weeks pointing to, it was re-directed to my archive of the original material in June. I'm still trying to talk to to find out why they have been so good as to restore the link between domain and material!

Material is provided here as it originally appeared on, I seek no gain from this, I'm just trying to help in a small way the regeneration of the canals.

In some ways I wasn't expecting the site to disappear quite so quickly! For that reason the site as reproduced here is incomplete, although over 90% of the technical content is included. Less well preserved is the sites frames and navigation bars. This is mocked-up on the main page to give a look and feel, but is missing from all other pages.

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