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The Millennium Link is the biggest engineering project to be undertaken by British Waterways in Scotland.

This 78m project will restore the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals to their former glory, linking the West and East coasts of Scotland with fully navigable waterways for the first time in over 35 years.

The Forth & Clyde Canal is the world's first man-made, sea-to-sea ship canal and re-connecting it to the Union Canal at Falkirk will also restore the waterway between the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Work started on the restoration in March 1999 and is scheduled to be complete in December 2001.

The development of The Millennium Link will create enormous economic and leisure potential. Economic impact studies have shown that the project should assist in creating over 4,000 new full time jobs across Central Scotland - at its peak over 600 people were employed on construction work.

The project is funded by contributions from the Millennium Commission, Scottish Enterprise, the European Union, canalside local authorities and British Waterways. Moorhen

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