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8th September - 10th November 2001

February 2001.

A few hundred metres from the Lochrin Basin terminus, the Leamington Lift Bridge, the last obstruction on the canals where work has still to start.

this picture taken in February 2001 shows no progress!

8th September 2001.

Lochrin Basin, the end or start of the canal. During August the gates have been welded shut and the "Edinburgh Quay" development has started (see Press Releases). The large red shed that used to be at the end of the basin has been reduced to a pile of rubble. In time all of this area including the large concrete office on the left will be replaced.

29th September 2001.

Returning three weeks later, there was even more to see at Lochrin Basin…

In the top left you can just see demolition of the British Telecom building…

The whole building will be raised to the ground

This view from the west is only the beginning…

…and this frontage onto Fountainbridge will be dramatically changed.

10th November 2001.

Big changes. You can't walk down to the end of the canal anymore, the canal has been drained, and it's a building site.

Looking the other way (west) from the Leamington Lift Bridge, the water is dammed back. A workman told us that the basin had been drained as part of the Edinburgh Quay development, work on the Lift Bridge would start in January 2002.

The basin from the footbridge of the Leamington Lift Bridge.

The closest I could get to the old location for the panorama, taken from across the canal. The old Telecom building has now been reduced to a pile of rubble…

…as the picture from the Fountainbridge side shows.

Details of the Edinburgh Quay development, a joint initiative between British Waterways and Miller Developments, can be found at


Photographs: James Gentles