click here to return to the Millennium Link Resource Home PageThe Falkirk Wheel from the west
26th December 2001


Material from the west and north west of the wheel amphitheatre

This panorama taken from the same location on the 26th December shows the spectacular view as you exit the tunnel into the wheel's natural amphitheater. The original of this image is 9200 x 1500 pixels. (Richard McCulloch)

On the 1st December we started to explore the perimeter of the site to the west, walking through some faint paths and undergrowth to try to get another view of the wheel. This resulted in views like the above, although this image was taken on the 26th December, you can see the cladding around the machinery rooms is further advanced. (Richard McCulloch)

Finally, after beating our way through the undergrowth we got this view from the NW, also taken on the 1st December. Work on a jetty? Appears to be taking shape in the foreground, in front of the wheel. (James Gentles)

A closer view of the jetty in the west of the wheel basin.

The wheel itself from the north-west, 1st December. This is a composite image. Less than 2 weeks after this shot was taken the wheel made it's first official rotation. Pictures of the rotation from this view are also available.

The same view on 26th December. Again note the progress in cladding the machinery area to the right of the actual wheel.


Photographs: Pete McCulloch, Richard McCulloch and James Gentles.