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September 2001

On the 29th September we returned to the Union Canal to trace it's major water source.

3Km upstream on the River Almond from Lin's Mill Aqueduct, in the Almondell Country Park, the river was weired to allow the canal water to be taken off on the west of the river (right of the picture).

The lade immediately goes through a sluice, which appears to be automatically controlled (the round white top).

For 500m the lade travels NE, through the country park, and under a disused railway viaduct.

The water, and the path then cross the river to the east bank using this strange combination bridge.

The water in the trough below, pedestrians above. This bridge is original, dating from the 1820s.
(picture 6th March 2002)

Continuing along the east bank the lade, loosing height slower than the river, rises above the river. In the background is the Almondell Bridge. In the distance the water enters the first of 4 culverts (all several hundred metres long), as it winds along the Dell, a very pleasant walk.

500m from the canal, the lade enters the final culvert, this one is ~250m long

and the water exits into a turning point just east of Lin's Mill Aqueduct.

… looking in the other direction to the canal.

…with the Ratho excursion boat tied up to the mooring.

Photographs: James & Hamish Gentles