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4th and 12th August 2001

These photographs were taken in August just before the week of hectic activity to erect the main sections of the wheel.

The barge offering trips from the Union Inn to view the wheel sees the concrete work complete in this shot taken on the 4th August.

The Visitor Center is outwardly finished, and one of the main gondola holders is taking shape in front of it.

Looking further west the temporary supports to hold the wheel whilst it is erected are all in place, as the various parts of the wheel (with the exception of the axle which is thought to have arrived later) wait to be lifted into place.

Dry Photographs: Pete McCulloch


Continuing on the 12th August. From the north the site still awaits the placement of the key wheel components into their final location.

From left to right:

The completed swing bridge, giving access to the Wheel site, and Union Canal towpath from the Forth & Clyde Towpath.

From the site of the swing Bridge, a view of the completed cladding of the Visitor Center, and the cast concrete aqueduct.

and the rain just kept on pelting down!


Wet Photographs: James Gentles