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December 2000

These pictures were taken in December 2000, a trip from Glasgow to Edinburgh with occasional stops!

Near the top of the Maryhill Locks in Glasgow is a dry dock. It hasn't been refurbished like the locks. A development opportunity?

The new single leaf lift bridge at Twechar.

The bridge at Auchinstarry has been removed, the road diverted to the east across a new bridge that can be seen in the distance.

The original junction from the Forth & Clyde to the Union Canal. The entrance to the Foundary Basin is now blocked, and the basin in front of the Union Inn (to the right of this picture) is long filled in.

Finally two pictures taken later in December 2000. This is the culvert taking the road past Kingsknowe Station in Edinburgh over the Union Canal. In December the culvert was still intact, but the road has been diverted west to a temporary location as can be seen in the picture below.

The large tree in the left of the previous picture is now in the middle of this picture above the concrete barrier. The temporary roadway was used whilst the new bridge was put in place to maintain the road alignment. Work was to finish here around August 2001.


Photographs: James Gentles